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Karate has been a part of Monique’s life for as long as she can remember. “My father, who really loved the sport, taught me,” she explains. “He first introduced me when I was a toddler, but I officially started training when I was 10 years old.” And she never stopped. At age 17, Monique started teaching and credits her martial arts background for her success. “I realize that the discipline I learned carried over to help me succeed in school, stay in shape and raise my confidence,” she says.

Monique so cherished the positive influence that karate has had in her life that she wanted more women and girls to experience it. “Females are the minority in most karate schools, so my goal was to create a different experience, a comfortable and supportive place to train,” she says. In 2007, Monique started WKD Karate4Girls, a female-only martial arts school that empowers hundreds of girls each year through regular lessons, after-school programs and summer camps.

1985 ~  Master Monique Washington-Jones (officially) began practicing Korean-style, Tae Kwon Do and Japanese- style, Kyokushin.

1992 ~  She earned the rank of black belt under the instruction of her father, Grand Master Douglas T. Washington, Jr.

1993 ~ 1998 ~  She held the Grand Champion title in Women’s Kumite (sparring) Lightweight Division.

2004 ~  She was one of seventeen women to hold the rank of Master along the East Coast.

2007 ~ She started Washington’s Karate for Girls.

2013- Featured in nationally-known Fitness Magazine

2013 & 2014 – Awarded Honorable Mention for the best martial arts school in Howard County

2014 – Featured on the cover of Howard County Magazine; Inspired Women issue

Present ~  Master Washington-Jones has 30 years martial arts experience. She teaches karate, speaks publicaly and conducts self-defense courses in the metropolitan area. Additionally, she hosts the Mid-Atlantic All Female Karate Open; tournaments supporting female competitors from surrounding martial arts schools.  Her mission is to encourage women and girls to be a better version of themselves and she is inspired by fellow female martial artists.

She enjoys community outreach projects with her students as their partnerships include; The Cancer Support Foundation, Hope Works Domestic Violence Center and Howard County Food Bank. Master Monique Washington-Jones currently holds the rank of 6th degree black  belt and resides in Maryland.