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“So many times we think, it would never happen to me. Why not empower yourself to be prepared to protect yourself or a loved one, just in case? I sincerely believe that everyone should learn some form of self-defense. It’s better to know it and never use it, than to need it and not know it.”     -Master Monique Washington-Jones

The art of self –defense is 90% awareness and 10% physical response. One must be aware of their surroundings, knowledgeable to the possibilities and have the ability to adapt to various situations. The physical aspect is simple. Personal weapons, pressure points and techniques can be easily acquired when properly trained. Self-defense is a mindset.

This dynamic hands-on workshop will equip you to  respond confidently in unpredictable situations! We will cover everything from awareness training to physical confrontation. This class is designed to give you the opportunity to implement basic techniques, defense moves and effective self defense strikes!

What you will learn could save your life!

Host a Workshop

Gather 10 or more women and we will bring the workshop to you!

  • In your home
  • At your church
  • In a community center
  • For your PTA
  • For your social group

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